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Happy 2012 to everyone! I haven't been on here in quite awhile. I've moved a couple times and haven't really had the chance to upload any of my newer stuff. And to be quite honest once my 5D & a few lenses got ruined a couple years back, I really kind of pulled away from a lot of photography all together.

I hope not only getting back to photography, but digital art as well. I can't believe how far away I put these creative outlets in my life. It's kind of like picking up my guitar after a long while, my fingers might bleed, but playing feels great. Can't wait til our new stuff is out!

Lets see I took down my online portfolio which was ( and have just put up a Facebook page for it for now: StellaAdore Facebook
Please check it out and give it a like if you want. My personal page is the admin for that page so if you want to be friends with me, just send me a message and let me know your DA name so I know who you are :).

We can also be friends on Twitter: BrokenDoll - Twitter

And as always I still have my fun personal website  BrokenDoll . It doesn't have all the tutorials, brushes, & textures back up yet (though I am working on it) but it does have my photo projects that I am working on.

Also I am going to be blogging more over on LJ again, since myspace has fallen away a bit. I have it set to friends only for most of the posts, so again if you want to be friends over there, friend me and then send me a message with your DA or twitter or facebook ID ( anywhere else we are friends) and I will add you back: Smoking_Chola

I hope everyone is off to a really great start!
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Start adding textures and brushes to this account?
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I haven't had the internet for awhile and it has been hellacious!  I really hated not being able to cruise around DA.

In April I put up my portfolio online. It's here: StellaAdore . But as luck would have it, right after I started adding stuff is when my internet went down, lol!

Anyway I actually stepped away from my camera and photoshop for a couple of months to refresh my creativity. Today I am adding a couple manipulations that I did recently for just for fun and to get back in the swing of blending and making textures.
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My MySpace:

My Personal Website:

My Portfolio (still undergoing construction):

I also have a live Journal (again) that I was using just to post pictures and stuff. But I haven't made a big effort in regaining all my friends so if you are on live Journal visit me here:

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Haha ony a couple of weeks late but, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" nonetheless!
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I've added a couple more photos. One is a manipulation (just barely, lol) and the other is a bw shot.  I've recently decided to add my actual photogrpahy to this site because I was getting nowhere with posting my graphic pix....still on another non working computer.
Well I have decided to go ahead and start adding stuff to my deviant art account once again. I am currently setting up my website as well: . Should be finished and put up really soon. I am just waiting to pull some of my graphic art off of another computer.